John Athlète And Personal Traîner

  My experience.
hello every one i made this website
                       for the people need help or want to share the information and performance
about Fitness or Break Dance and other sports.
             I started gymnastic,Capoeira and Break Dance.
  I practiced fitness for make the body stronger.
I still practice the Break Dance cause i find every thing i want in this activitie.
You can practice every where you want, in the battle , in the gym and at home.
 you can mix the Break Dance with it with many sports such as  Gymnastic, Martial Arts, Yoga...

I practice also  fitness because it help to take care of yourself,
the sports make you feel
 good in your body and your mind.
You learn how to eat well and the exercises
help you to have a nice body.
The most important is to eat fresh and move your body.
Enjoy and if need help do not hesitate to contact me.
See you soon.

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